When Facing Change…Own your Inner Place, no matter What!


I just moved from NY to Houston with my family. I am used to moving cities and I can use a few skills acquired throughout the years, but there is always an unsettling moment when you see your whole house packed in a truck:). Then everything changes all of a sudden: new relationships, new market place, new food, new roads etc.

It could be overwhelming, but we should see it as a unique opportunity for many reasons. And this applies when we move cities and also when we go on holidays to somewhere else.

What do you need to pay attention to when you change personal settings? :

• When taken away from your roots, the normal frameworks you grew up with disappear and you start thinking outside the box without realizing it. Take advantage of this development to come up with new ideas, new ways of doing things. You can bring a breath of fresh air to the new place and people will embrace that.

• When you are on vacation (at home or away) do not take a vacation from health, it isn’t worth it. You will strain your body and mind and, in the end, you will not like it…love yourself at all times (and holidays are one of those times).

• Don’t let your brain overwhelm you with anxiety or worrisome thoughts. What you put in your conscious mind has four times more impact than life events or external circumstances so make sure you feed your brain with the right stuff, the right thoughts.

• Maintain your routines. When you are in a different place it feels like things don’t work the same way. But challenge that thought, why does it have to be that way? Try to stick to your routines, and that applies to food, sports, fun, spiritual practices, etc. Give yourself the necessary amount of time to land and then jump right into it, you just need yourself to move forward, the rest will fall into place quickly.

• Do not compare or think back. It is normal to compare places, ways of doing things, etc. but what will serve you better is to simply acknowledge what you have now, in this moment, and make the most of it without overanalyzing if it is better or worse than anything else. You will surprise yourself catching moments that you will adore.

• Remember your essence. Remember this inner place you have and that remains untouched no matter what happens to you. Tap into that place when you change personal settings and it will be easier to stay true to yourself no matter what.

And finally, a very compelling statement: you are building your brain reserve (ie. brain tissue associated with increased resilience when facing change or damage), to deal with future challenges, when you position yourself strongly regardless of the circumstances.


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