“PISTO”! A Delicious Summery Dish


I am already thinking about the summer! If you would like to take a break from your usual recipes try this one out! Delicious veggies slowly cooked with love and intention to nourish your body and soul. By adding the eggs at the end, it ends up being a single dish, perfect for a light lunch during the hot months of the year (or all year round, why not!).


• 1 Kg Zucchini
• 5 Green Bell Peppers
• 1 Onion
• 1 Garlic clove
• 1 Kg Red Tomatoes
• 1 Can of Tomato sauce (if more sauce is needed)
• Cumin to taste
• Extra virgin olive oil as needed
• Salt to taste
• 3 pastured raised & organic eggs


1. Dice zucchini in small pieces and pour into a saucepan with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. Cover and let it cook for about 30min, low heat. Do not smash it.
2. Dice half onion and peppers in small pieces and pour into a separate saucepan. Let it cook slowly for about 20min.
3. Dice tomatoes, half onion and garlic clove. Then add cumin, olive oil and salt and pour everything into a deep saucepan. Cover at low heat and let it cook for about 45min. Once it is done, mix everything with a blender so that a nice sauce comes out.
4. Strain the zucchini.
5. Take the peppers and onions (without the oil) already cooked and mix with the zucchini and the tomato sauce (just a bit of sauce, the mix shouldn’t be too liquid). Let it cook for about 10min.
6. If you would like to add some protein, now it is the time to add the eggs by mixing everything together. Let it cook for a few minutes longer and then it is ready!


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