The Bar Method-a targeted and unique exercise to achieve desired fitness results


At the beginning of 2019 I was introduced to a different type of exercise that caught my attention due to its tremendous focus on specific muscles, posture, overall targeted body work and fun (but intense!) routine.

I started attending the weekly classes at The Bar Method studio in Memorial (Houston) and I highly encourage you to try it out at your nearest studio. For more info click here

What I like the most about this type of exercise is: instant results (muscle definition, increased strength, improved posture), different routine each time, easy to follow due to guided class, very knowledgeable instructors, music and individual feedback. My running and other sports have improved in terms of endurance due to The Bar Method.

Now a little bit of history here:

The Bar Method was founded 18 years ago by Burr Leonard, who wanted to create a safe exercise that delivered dancer-like muscles and a feeling of confidence and poise. Based on the Lotte Berk method, Burr worked with physical therapists to ensure that each low-impact exercise was safe for muscles and joints — to this day all exercises are designed with physical therapists and instructors go through 6 months of training to learn how each exercise looks in different bodies making The Bar Method the most safe and effective form of barre fitness.

The Bar Method exercises work deep into your muscles, work against your own body’s resistance, and call upon stabilizing muscles to make it a full body exercise. Similar to Pilates-like movements, The Bar Method incorporates interval training and introduces stretching in between reps as a way to increase flexibility and muscular elasticity, making you functionally stronger and helping you continue to burn calories even after you leave the studio.

Class size is limited to enable the instructor to continually evaluate and adjust students’ form making the class feel like you’re working out with a personal trainer but in a group setting. Classes start in the center of the carpeted room with weights to warm up your body and then you move to the barre for exercises that target your thigh and seat, helping you build strength and stamina as you increase your heart rate and burn calories, followed by stretches. You then move to the center of the room for curl work and core strengthening, followed by a final seat exercise and a long stretch. In one hour, you work every muscle group and leave the class feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.

The Bar Method originated in San Francisco and has since spread throughout the U.S. and Canada with over 120 studios. While each studio is independently owned, consistency is maintained through annual teacher certification exams, yearly studio evaluations, music playlists, and an emphasis on community so every studio you visit will feel familiar and welcoming.

Find the studio nearest you and let me know how you liked it! For some additional information click here.


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