The Immense Power of BELIEF


In all aspects of life there is something about believing in yourself, believing in what you are trying to accomplish. What a difference it makes when you set your mind and heart to something with all your senses. There is no way back, just a way forward…

One of my favorite doctors is Dr. Bernie Siegel. He believes in positive affirmations. He says that the most powerful affirmations are short, positive statements. Some examples are: “ I achieve whatever I set my heart on”, “ One day at a time”, “My body is glowing with health”.

Dr. Siegel says something extremely powerful that applies to business, sports, daily life…:” Your goal is to fake it till you make it. Act and behave as if you are the person you want to become, and keep rehearsing. Find coaches, too, to help you practice”.

After Novak Djokovic won the US Open this year, he posted a tremendous post on Instagram. He said: “Unbelievable is usually the most common way to explain extraordinary success. To me, that expression negates the most powerful emotion that one can have- BELIEF. All this time, belief is what pushed me through moments of doubt, pain, uncertainty….,there was one thing that kept me going: Belief in myself, my abilities, my skills and talent, and my resilience. Belief that I am meant to do this.” He continues, “ The biggest take away from these fantastic past few months is that UNBELIEVABLE doesn’t exist. Limits do not exist. When you see it in your mind, you can achieve it in life. When you show up with your courage, confidence and belief, you are already a winner despite the actual result. Your character prevails and you build your habits and your habits bring you one step closer to your goals”.

WOW, this is outstanding stuff! It also builds on what I described in my Blog about the power of Visualization.

What Djokovic describes is the same as what Eliud Kipchoge states after achieving the Marathon World Record very recently ( 2h.01:39). He says: “I don’t believe in limits”. He also believes that “overcoming a barrier is not science; you just simply need to believe in it, you need a great team who believes in it and in yourself, you need the perfect shoes and you need to be stronger than any other athlete. Then everything is possible” He continues: “I don’t think any human being has limits, records are there to be beaten”. For him “marathons are LIFE, and the essence of happiness is to enjoy life. That is why I smile. I enjoy running marathons”.

These are fantastic messages coming from outstanding individuals that are applicable to the day to day life of ALL OF US!!. Let’s go get our goals!


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