Health Tips When Working from Home


We find ourselves working from home very often (if not always!) these days…and it could be a blessing. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind when we are working from the comfort of our homes:

1. Implement a daily schedule and own it. Remember to take breaks! It’s important to build a schedule in your mind and to implement it. But, the beauty of working from home is that that your schedule can be flexible if needed! Adapt it; change it whenever it is necessary, but remember to take breaks. We tend to work longer hours or miss some breaks when we are not at the office. Refer to what is called the Ultradian Performance Rhythm. Our performance peaks after 90 minutes, then it decreases, then we take a 20 minute break and then it peaks again. The problem is, if we don’t take breaks our performance peaks at a lower level, we accomplish less and then we don’t take the next break so our next performance peak is even lower. We need to take breaks not just to rest but to heal our brain and body and perform at the highest level.

2. Dress for work and separate the office space: We don’t have to wear a suit and tie if we don’t have to but you should wear something that makes you feel professional and comfortable. Also, each space is for a different purpose. Have that clear in your mind and in your home space.

3. Plan meals in advance and be creative: What are you having for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Is it in your fridge? Do you need to take anything out from the freezer or go to the store? And don’t get bored! Experiment in the kitchen, try new (and simple) recipes!

4. Eating Hygiene; Eating Schedule: In order to avoid digestive issues we need to implement eating hygiene. When eating; sit down, slow down, breathe, chew, and have a clear idea as to what time you are having your meal. Don’t graze all day long! This is key to avoid bloating, gas and many other digestive issues.

5. Watch your hunger– Ask Yourself: Are you really hungry or thirsty? Are you nervous or stressed out? Give yourself 10 minutes and then decide.

6. Drink water and hot Drinks: It is super important to stay hydrated during the day to avoid headaches, cravings, overeating, etc. Also, hot drinks support the immune system.

7. Brain Health: Meditation, Exercise, Gratitude. These are fantastic skills to implement to support our Brain. A Daily practice can take you a long way and de-stress from daily life challenges.

8. Engage with family and co-workers in creative ways & empathize. Communication, Communication, Communication. What a great opportunity we have to get involved in different projects, work with different people, play different games with family, innovate! Also, let’s try to understand each other’s points of view. This is a great chance to be empathetic. Please never feel isolated, reach out to people!

9. Plan, think, create, visualize and results will equal success! It is time to think and plan ahead; look forward to the future and dream. It is not just about checking a To- Do list, it is about achieving results, results mean success, and we need a lot of that now.

10.Take a break from technology and choose your sources: Serotonin & Oxytocin. We don’t have to know it all, we don’t have to be connected all the time. Technology generates dopamine rushes in the brain, and that is ok. However, dopamine can be highly addictive. We need to compensate it with serotonin and oxytocin. So, give a hug, a kiss, dance, laugh, play, sing…

Make the most of the luxury of working from home. Who knows…you may even LOVE it!


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