The Need for Self-Love


One of my favorite doctors, Dr. Bernie Siegel, says: “The number 1 problem is society is the inability of people to love themselves”.

This is huge. If we started by loving ourselves we would prevent many downstream issues; professional personal, and health related.

Ask yourself this, “what do you give yourself permission to do”. This little exercise could open the door to self-healing. Is there anything you are preventing yourself from doing that could mean an amazing sense of relief? Try it out.

You are so worthy, just know it, just feel it, believe it. Try it out!

Many times we are excellent as caregivers, for the whole world! We tend to forget about ourselves. Think of yourself as a priority, your number one priority, in order to be able to do EVERYTHING else you are supposed to do…such a powerful sense of being.

When I work with my clients we talk about Primary Food (job, relationships, spirituality and Exercise) and Secondary Food (food on your plate). Usually Primary Food overrides Secondary Food. Primary food is about YOURSELF, your world, are you nurturing it? When you nurture your world, your body, your mind, your spirit, you are healthier; you are full.

Finally, be compassionate about yourself. It is awesome to have goals, big goals…. but are you looking after yourself while trying to achieve those goals desperately? Think carefully. Are you punishing yourself, self-medicating, pushing yourself to the limit of exhaustion or disappointment? Take a deep breath, love yourself, be empathetic with yourself, take a little distance…is this the way you would treat your loved ones, your clients, your colleagues, you best friends?

I highly encourage you to love yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit and to surround yourself with those who love you.


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