Top 11 Pearls for a Healthy Mindset


Having the right mindset is a powerful tool that leads to health and happiness. Here are some great pearls to help you achieve the best version of yourself by cultivating a strong and positive mindset:

1. Adopt an infinite mindset (as Simon Sinek says): Life is long. We need short term, medium term and long term goals; why do we want it all now? Pace yourself, adapt to changes, look forward to the future without obsessing, focus on the present, don’t dwell on the past, keep evolving, since you will probably have to recreate yourself a few times as life goes on.
2. Don’t overidentify yourself with experiences that cause you anxiety: You are bigger than that, detach from them, look at the whole picture, just be, investigate with kindness and tackle your fear right on.
3. Practice meditation: It is a great way to reconcile with your past, focus on the present and create your desired future (according to Emily Fletcher). While meditating, focus on your breath, let thoughts go, feel your sensations. Getting good at meditation means getting good at life.
4. Practice mindfulness throughout your day: Be in the present moment, it is the only thing that exists. When you need to go back to the past or to the future, do so and then return to present as soon as you are done.
5. Practice affirmation: Those moments when you create the life you want in your mind are priceless, because your mind doesn’t differentiate real from not real. Create it in your mind first, breathe it, feel it … then you have achieved it, and you will recognize it when it happens.
6. Practice gratitude: Train your brain to be thankful and it will focus on the positive stuff on a regular basis. This is directly related to optimal health.
7. Love your tribe: Surround yourself with those you love and who love you back. One of the secrets of longevity.
8. Offer a service to others: Did you know that, according to Simon Sinek, serving others is the best way to compensate the dopamine effect and release serotonin and oxytocin? Yes, we need dopamine but it can be highly addictive so we need to compensate.
9. Have positive thoughts, feelings and actions: Like Dr. Amen says, we need to “kill ANTS”(automatic negative thoughts) and talk back to our thoughts since they are not always right!! Like Dr. Rojas Marcos says… “we need to talk to ourselves kindly, with love and very often”.
10. Have the right perspective to deal with life events: What we put in our minds is 4 times more impactful than what life throws at us.
11. When something good happened, don’t over-analyze it! Based on what Dr. Rojas Marcos says,” we should only dwell on the positive in order to replicate it in the future”, no more! Let it be.

Our brain needs daily care in order to have a strong brain reserve and cruise through life with grace. Hopefully these pearls will get you closer. To check my blog on Brain Health click here.


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