The Coach

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).  I am also a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach by the School of Applied Functional Medicine. My passion is to help men and women become healthier and happier through pure food and awesome lifestyle in order to gain energy, make appropriate food choices, integrate simple healthy habits, improve disease dynamics and feel the best they have ever been.

Apart from working with my own clients, I also help Dr. Tony DeRamus‘ patients at Sandstone Health (Houston, USA), Dr. Timothy Sprockel’s patients at Houston Methodist (Orthopedics & Sports Medicine-Houston, USA) and Rafael Jácome’s patients at GlobalPhysio (Madrid, Spain).

I have been involved in health, sports and wellness my whole life. I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Since my family business was sports clubs and camps, I grew up in a gym! I worked in the business until I started my own career working for some of the most relevant multinationals (Hewlett- Packard & BT amongst others) and start ups , but always remained interested and involved in the wellness field. I earned my BA from Universidad Complutense and my MBA from London Business School.

Over the years, I had the chance to live in some of the most vibrant cities (Madrid, Paris, London, New York, and now Houston) and I have experienced the health challenges derived from moving around and changing personal settings. However, every single time I faced an obstacle I went back to basics: healthy diet and lifestyle.

In 2015, while living in New York, (currently based in Rye, New York. Serving clients all over the US and abroad), I decided to take my lifelong passion for health to the next level and enrolled at IIN. Soon after, I decided to spend the rest of my life helping people achieve their health goals, so I founded Colorá- Health Coaching and also certified in Functional Medicine for Coaching. I thought I already knew a lot about healthy living, but my certifications and work experience gave me not only cutting edge knowledge about nutrition, lifestyle management and health optimization, but also the tools to serve people in a loving and unique way.

As part of my training, I had the chance to learn from the world’s top health and wellness experts. Some of them are:

Frank Lipman, MD, Functional Medicine Doctor, Founder and Director of the Eleven Wellness Center.
David Katz, MD, MPH, Authority on Preventive Medicine and Weight Management, Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center.
Tracy Harrison, Founder at the School of Applied Functional Medicine.
Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard’s School of Public Health and Bestselling Author.
Andrew Weil, MD, Bestselling Author and Expert on Integrative Medicine and Mind-Body Interactions.
Bernie S. Siegel, MD, Internationally recognized expert in the field of cancer treatment and complementary, holistic medicine. Retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment’s approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing.
Susan Blum, MD, MPH, Functional Medicine Doctor, Founder of Blum Center for Health.
Mark Hyman, MD, Founder and Medical Director of The UltraWellness Center, Bestselling Author.
Geneen Roth, Pioneer of Emotional Eating and Empowerment, Bestselling Author.
David Wolfe, recognized Expert and Bestselling Author on Superfoods and Raw Nutrition.
Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University.
Christine Northrup, MD board-certified ob/gyn, assistant clinical professor at Maine Medical Center, New York Times best-selling author.
Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
• Daniel AmenMD, doubled boarded certified psychiatrist and nine-time New York Times bestselling author. He is the Founder of Amen Clinics in Costa Mesa and San Francisco, California, Bellevue, Washington, Reston, Virginia, Atlanta, Georgia and New York City.

I offer clients my commitment to guide them through their journey to feel the best they have ever been, always focusing on their personal health goals, which could range from weight loss and increased energy to healthy eating habits and optimization of multiple disease dynamics.

I help clients on a one-on-one basis through a personalized plan tailored to their health history, body type, level of activity and lifestyle to implement habits that will last a lifetime. I truly believe that the path to health includes not just nutrition, but also lifestyle choices and I help my clients figure out their own recipe for success. I offer a self-exploration process owned by the client.

When I am not coaching, I like to spend time with my husband and two kids, experimenting in the kitchen, reading books by influential authors and playing sports.

Here you can learn more about my approach to holistic health coaching.