Arroz Caldoso con Langostinos-Brothy Rice with King Prawn


This is a phenomenal Spanish dish from Directo Al Paladar. It is very suitable for the first months of fall & winter, when the weather starts being chilly. It is soothing and comforting. Having said that, it is such a treasure that you can enjoy it all year long whenever you feel like having something warm and filling.

Ingredients (for 4 people):

• King Prawn: 250grm
• Arroz Bomba (specific rice used to make paella or similar, it is thicker and rounder than average): 160grm
• Half Leek
• Parsley: 2 pinches
• Pear Tomatoes: 500grm
• Green Pepper: 1
• Pimentón Dulce (similar to Mild Paprika, sweet, not very spicy): 3grm
• Onion: 1
• Garlic cloves: 3
• Extra virgin Olive Oil
• Saffron: a few layers


Difficulty: medium
Total Time: 48min
Elaboration: 20min
Cooking time: 18min
Resting time: 10min

We start by peeling the prawns. We spare the heads and skin, which we will use to make the broth and we also leave aside the peeled prawns, which we will use for the brothy rice.

First, we prepare a fumet or broth with the heads and skin from the prawns, half a leek in pieces, 1 garlic clove, a little bit of parsley and a small diced tomato. We put all these ingredients in a pan and we add one liter of water and a pinch of salt, leave boiling for 20min.Then we strain the broth and we will use it to make the brothy rice.

While the broth is being done, we can prepare the stir-fry directly in the casserole that we will use to make our rice. We put 2 or 3 tbsp of olive oil and we add the sliced onion and garlic, leaving the mix poaching for a few minutes. Afterwards, we add the sliced pepper and when everything is very soft we add the grated tomato, leave it reducing for 15 min until there is almost no water left. At this point we add the paprika.

Once the stir-fry is ready, we add the broth very well drained and the saffron. We leave the mix cooking for a few minutes, we taste it and adjust the salt. Then we crush the whole thing in the blender until it is very smooth. Now it is time to add the rice that we will leave cooking for 10min. We need to use approx. 4 times the volume of rice in broth so that it ends up being brothy but not too much! After that time, we add the peeled prawns and a little bit of sliced parsley and we leave it boiling for an additional 6-8 min, until rice is soft. It is very important to check to make sure the rice isn’t too soft or open. We serve immediately.

In Spain we tend to serve a few tapas first and then this brothy rice with king prawn as an only dish. Enjoy!


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