Anti-aging, what’s the secret?


Yes, we are all getting older, but can we age with grace? Can we establish some awesome diet and lifestyle habits that will allow us to live longer younger? These are some of the outstanding recommendations we can all follow, supported by Dr. Frank Lipman:

1. Focus on a whole foods diet that promotes youth: vegetables (especially those dark leafy greens), multiple times a day; fruit (especially low glycemic like berries), 2-3 pieces a day; lean organic protein (in every meal), organic turkey/chicken, grass-fed beef, fish and seafood, legumes, bone broth, eggs; healthy fats (especially monounsaturated fat, like EVOO, avocado, O3s, nuts and seeds): whole grains (for those who can tolerate) in moderation, such as quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, millet, buck wheat. Other amazing foods that support your methylation and help you stay younger include: cruciferous vegetables and DNA Methylation Adaptogens (liver, cocoa powder, coffee, green tea, lemon, oregano, rosemary, parsley, shiitake mushrooms, turmeric, tomatoes).

2. Eliminate the #1 youth-drainer: Sugar! It causes inflammation (so causes disease), it negatively impacts your blood sugar, creates insulin resistance (and from there, pre-diabetes and diabetes in the end..) and it is more addictive than cocaine. The easiest way to eliminate it is just to stop eating it! “For sugar cravings, berries are great, maybe top them with a little bit of cinnamon and a small scoop of chia seeds or flax seeds to help slow the absorption of sugar and minimize sugar spikes”, as Dr Lipman suggests.. Dark chocolate (minimum 80% cacao) is also great, just a little square. Sweet veggies and one serving of whole grains also help with sugar cravings.

3. Ditch the foods that are harmful for your body: all fast foods, full of trans fats; “processed foods, whose long-term effects are either highly suspect, seriously detrimental to your health or even carcinogenic; chemical additives, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, fillers, vegetable oils, preservatives and way too much sodium. It is clear the link between processed food consumption and the increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease”, Dr Lipman explains.

4. Embrace SLEEPING, the essential anti-aging behavior: we undervalue the effect of sleeping. There is no magic number, lately 8-9 hours are recommended. The benefits are endless: increases resilience to fight stress, maintains your appetite hormones in balance, keeps all your cells, muscles and organs (including the brain!) youthful by promoting autophagy, the overnight cellular recycling program run by your glymphatic system. REM sleep, when dreaming happens, it is a major part of the anti-aging equation. Many people think that aches, pains and low energy are a sign of getting old, but they are a sign that we need to rest more (and better). Prioritize your sleep starting now!

5. Movement, movement, movement: It is about moving as much as you can, all day long. So yes, a session in the gym is fantastic but then don’t sit all day long on your desk or couch at night!. Like Dr Lipman says: “Be active every chance you get. As you age, pushing beyond 40 or so, it’s OK for exercise to be less about heavy exertion and pushing to physical extremes and a lot more about movement, motion and mobility. Avoiding injury (as in, if it hurts, don’t do it), keeping the joints lubricated and the muscles flexible and ready to fire is the key to physically aging well”. The benefits of exercise are endless: increases resilience to fight stress and avoid depression, is good for digestion, releases endorphins, eliminates toxins, improves circulation, promotes high-quality sleep and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

6. Decelerate the aging process everyday: taking small micro-moments and breaks during the day is essential. One way to do this is by Meditating. Numerous research studies show the benefits, such as: it decreases inflammation, decreases blood pressure, increases empathy, increases resilience to fight stress, helps your brain to work better and increases telomeres length (related to longevity). Just 10-15min a day is beneficial. “If you think you can’t sit still then engage in a peaceful activity that suits you, such as something quiet and calming that you enjoy, unplugged, without interruption”. Examples like knitting, coloring, walking in the woods, looking at pictures, singing and so on.

7. Reduce exposure to toxins that age you: toxins can be physical or emotional. Starting with smoking, the root cause of so many chronic diseases. The same goes for alcohol, maybe a glass of wine once or twice a week is ok; but as we increase consumption the risks of disease increase tremendously, including brain damage. Finally, toxic people. Spend time with people you love and who love you back, that is the key. Love your tribe.

8. Laugh as often as you can! “At least once a day! Laughter helps boost the immune system, increasing T-cell activity, those “killer cells” that help our bodies fight viruses and tumors. It also helps lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, decreases pain and can also help stabilize blood sugar – all good things no matter where you are on the aging journey”, as Dr Lipman explains.

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