Do you love your tribe?


What I do as a Functional Medicine Health Coach is about Education, Inspiration, Empowerment and Community.

When my clients work with me, they get access to very critical scientific information about Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. It is not just about that, it is about behavior change, and transformation. We together, come up with the inspiration they need to achieve their goals. In turn, they become experts on themselves. They are empowered to continue their health journey on their own because they have acquired the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence to do so.

However, there is something else, the power of Community in achieving Optimal Health. It is not the norm in our society to be healthy, and more importantly, to live in a way that supports our health objectives and journey. We, the ones who really care,
are Healthy Deviants. So, it is very critical to find others who share our passion, our desire to improve and, at the end of the day, our wish to live the longest life possible the healthiest possible.

It is essential and extremely rewarding for our wellbeing to share experiences with the people we love and who love us back. They are our tribe. Also, health is contagious. If you want to get healthier, spend time with the healthiest people in your community and chances are you will get healthier. Look at the Blue Zones (places with the biggest share of healthy centenarians), daily social interaction is key to their success as measured by longevity.

What can you do to increase your social interactions and be part of a Community with the same health objectives and lifestyle?

1. Working with a Functional Medicine Health Coach.It may be just what you need to start your health journey (or optimize what you already do). Together you will come up with goals, recommendations, habits and skills that will serve you tremendously. She will be your guide, your mentor but you will lead the way. There may be opportunities to interact with other clients during workshops, Q&A sessions, presentations etc. She will be the biggest cheerleader you will ever find! The wealth of Education, Inspiration, Empowerment and Community is
outstanding. This partnership will open up doors that you wouldn’t imagine existed… and hey, who doesn’t like the accountability?

2. Sharing moments with your friends.How about cooking together? Sharing recipes? Going food shopping together? Or just sharing your dreams? Look for the affinity, the circle you can call “your tribe”. It is so rewarding and uplifting. We shouldn’t be doing this job alone; we shouldn’t be walking our health journey alone. Share your desires with others, tell them what your plans are. It reemphasizes your intentions and gives you additional confidence. It is also about accountability, better together.

3. The workplace can be a great resource.Part of your tribe may be at work!
The same rules apply here. Bring your lunch from home and share at the table.
Talk about your health journey. Participate in the company’s presentations, workshops or other opportunities to learn and share. Send a proposal for a “lunch &learn” activity, invite guest speakers. So many options…

4. Sports,Church,…all those places where people can gather and share experiences are an opportunity to show your health interests and goals. You will find people who may be in your tribe. A chance to set up a new activity and meet other Healthy Deviants.

5. Show your Children how a Healthy Deviant functions.We have an excellent
opportunity to show our children how to live a healthy lifestyle. Sharing meals together, cooking together, going food shopping, exercising as a family, explaining some scientific details about Nutrition and Lifestyle Management, offering them books to read. Our kids WATCH what we do. When you make that protein shake, they watch, when you decide to go for a run they watch, when you are immersed in your book they watch…be the example they need, they will copy you. What a beautiful way to help Heathy Deviants grow…

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