Is your Inner Critic talking?


As part of my work with clients, it is important to bring awareness to our own self-talking. Who is really talking? We all have an Inner Critic and we need to be aware when it is getting in the way.

Most of the time what our Inner Critic is saying is based on FEAR- False Evidence- Appearing REAL.

So here is what we can do when confronting a situation like this:

1. Recognize your Inner Critic. Who is really talking? Identify it. Give it a name!
2. Refute your Inner Critic. Is it really true? Do not debate with it!
3. Remove it from the picture. Mentally separate from it, send it away.
4. Regain your confidence. Think of past successes
5. Return to the present. The “here and now”.

Apart from this, another practice that brings wellness and mental strength is:

Have positive thoughts, feelings and actions: Like Dr. Amen says, we need to “kill ANTS”(automatic negative thoughts) and talk back to our thoughts since they are not always right!! Each time you have a negative thought, you can ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it true?
2. Is it absolutely true with 100% certainty?
3. How do I feel when I believe this thought?
4. How would you feel if I couldn’t have this thought?
5. Turn the thought around to its exact opposite. Any evidence that that’s true?

Furthermore, like Dr. Rojas Marcos says, “we need to talk to ourselves kindly, with love and very often”.

I encourage you to love yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit and to surround yourself with those who love you.


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