Tuna Salad with Roasted Peppers


This is a simple but delicious salad for all year round. I don’t recommend eating tuna very often since it may contain mercury. Choose wisely, selecting a high quality canned tuna for a nice dose of Omega 3s. There is plenty of protein in this salad, along with eggs for some choline. Peppers and onions add some extra micronutrients.


4 bell peppers
Half onion
3 organic pastured eggs
3 tuna cans on olive oil
Extra virgin olive oil


Put the peppers and sliced onions on a tray to bake in oven. Leave at 350 degrees for about 45min or until tender. These are delicious!!

Boil eggs until hard and slice. Set aside

When peppers are ready, peel them and slice in long pieces. Take tuna out of can and slice.

On a saucepan pour some olive oil, add the peppers, onion, tuna and eggs. Heat for a few minutes. Add salt if needed

Pour the mix on a bowl and serve!

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